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What is nVista?

nVista is the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving subjects. With nVista, neuroscientists can ask entirely new questions about how neural circuits shape behavior. Today, nVista systems are generating transformative data sets at leading research institutions worldwide.



Brain imaging in freely moving subjects

Whether you’re an experienced electrophysiologist or a savvy brain imaging expert, nVista will complement your research program.

Conduct longitudinal studies

Perform chronic imaging studies in freely behaving subjects. 
Image the same population of cells in the same subject for days, or even weeks.

Study multiple behaviors

Incorporate behavioral paradigms that suit your experiments, including: 
spatial navigation, social interaction, operant conditioning, motor learning, and more.

Capture more data

Target, visualize and record population-scale neural activity with cellular resolution in pre-determined cell types. Capture the activity of over 1,000 neurons simultaneously in one field of view using an awake, behaving subject.

Extend your reach

Image most brain areas, including deep brain structures and surface brain regions. Use fast genetically-encoded Ca2+ indicators to tailor your observations to the most relevant cell populations.


Technology comparison

Recording Technology Large-scale neural dynamics? Cellular resolution? Cell type specific? Longitudinal studies of same cells? Deep brain regions? Freely behaving?
Inscopix nVista
Electrode arrays

U.S. Patent Nos. 9,161,694; 8,788,021; 9,195,043; UK 2483963; and AU 2011293269 and other U.S. or foreign patents.


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Mosaic - turning your data into
insights, faster.

Mosaic Software


So much data,
so little time.

A streamlined workflow decreases your time to insightful data. Mosaic simplifies the process of analyzing your calcium imaging data and reduces time to interpretable results. With the time saved, you can focus on statistical analyses and biological implications.

Reduce your time
to publication.

With a simple and easy to use GUI, Mosaic makes the process of analyzing your nVista data straightforward and intuitive. No need to reinvent the wheel sifting through user manuals of open source tool sets.

The perfect fit,
every time.

Mosaic neatly packages all the algorithms and tools you need to understand your Calcium imaging data set. Use our specialized apps built for processing data generated using nVista.


Streamline data analysis

Normalize your images, identify your cells, extract their temporal dynamics and generate experimental conclusions—fast. 
This robust analysis suite sets the foundation to standardize your workflow.


See the more detailed Mosaic data analysis workflow here


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At Inscopix, scientists help scientists.

Get the support you need and the data you want with the newest brain imaging technology.

Neuroscience is a challenging, multi-disciplinary field where high quality data can be difficult to collect on your own. That's why when you run into biological, experimental or analytical hurdles, our scientists are here to help. We stand ready to guide you every step of the way - from experimental setup through data analysis and publishing assistance - because we care about great data, just like you!

The community has grown to include more than 100 top-tier neuroscience labs, including six Nobelist labs. We actively partner with our customers in their pursuit of new discoveries enabled by Inscopix's products.


Customer care at Inscopix

Get answers to technical, scientific and experimental questions, supplied by knowledgeable people with experience at the bench.

Get 24/7 access to comprehensive training content, protocols, and instructional videos for experimental success! Included with your nVista system package is the Inscopix Online Community Portal, where you can access:

  • The latest Mosaic release
  • Free nVista HD acquisition software upgrades
  • Step-by-step training resources and tutorials

Access an ever growing repository of application support videos, notes, and user guides focused on the nVista system. Take advantage of the online portal to learn about system operation and maintenance, and gain access to detailed experimental protocols. 

Accelerate Training Workshops are available with personalized learning modules on topics such as: Introduction to Calcium Indicators, Enabling Optical Access, nVista Software, Performing Imaging Experiments, Care and Maintenance of your nVista System, and Data Analysis Workflow with Mosaic.

Meet with other researchers who have complementary interests and expertise at our Accelerate Workshops. Network and join a vibrant and growing global neuroscience community.

Technical support ensures prompt, knowledgeable email or phone responses to address product hardware, software and technical questions.

Scientific support via email, phone, video conferencing for validated applications from 
experimental design frameworks, biological reagent strategies, lens implantation to 
data trace extraction with Mosaic software.

Scientific Support

Scientific support via email, phone, and video conferencing on customized advice and project-specific feedback for validated or novel applications from experimental design, biological reagent strategies, lens implantation to data trace extraction with Mosaic software. Limited to one distinct research project. 

Complete system repair or replacement on a priority basis, with expedited shipment and all cost included. iCare expands coverage to failures caused by an operator or subject (such as damaged cables or broken objectives). iCare ensures you experience minimal downtime between experiments, safeguards against unexpected maintenance costs, and helps pave a path toward quality, reproducible data sets.


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Rat Application Module

Rat application module

nVista is the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving subjects. With the Rat Application Module, using nVista to image the rat is easy!

  • Microscope protective cone
  • 5 baseplates
  • 5 baseplate covers
  • 1 cable sheath
  • 1 tool for cable sheath installation
  • 1 dummy scope

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Mouse application module

Our flagship end-to-end brain imaging platform is already in use by researchers from academia and industry/pharma in over 150 labs across the globe. With multiple top-tier publications, nVista is the standard for real-time Calcium imaging in freely behaving mice.

  • 5 base plates
  • 5 base plate covers
  • 1 dummy scope

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