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By Scott
November 2nd, 2013

Mission and Purpose

The mission of our blog is to lead the creation of a 21st century knowledge infrastructure for the field of neuroscience. In pursuit of this mission, our blog will disseminate the latest scientific research articles and comment on emerging ideas in neuroscience, with a focus on innovative neurotechnologies that generate new kinds of data sets.  We will also frequently ask the “so what?” question and try to consider each of these topics in the context of their potential downstream benefits on human health.

  • News and comments on hottest papers and trends in neuroscience research, methods, techniques, and neurotechnologies
  • Research spotlights on cutting edge neuroscience labs and game-changing research programs
  • Journal reviews with summary and comments on seminal neuroscience research publications
  • Event announcements on upcoming neuroscience events
  • Polls and conversational pieces seeking to foster cross pollination of ideas amongst neuroscience thought leaders

Curator Intro

My name is Scott Norviel, Director of Product Marketing with Inscopix.  I’m an outgoing outdoorsman with a knack for business and technology.  During my undergrad at the University of Colorado, I also worked in technology transfer, where I first experienced my lasting love for the life sciences. Upon returning to the bustling biotech scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was fortunate to meet Inscopix co-founders Dr. Mark Schnitzer (Chief Scientist) and Dr. Kunal Ghosh (CEO). The rest is history.

This blog is managed and maintained with sponsorship from Inscopix, Inc.  The blog will regularly include guest posts from neuroscience thought leaders, other Inscopix team members, and biotech industry professionals. The blog project was designed to create a centralized knowledge base for keeping neuroscientists up to date with the latest research and news.

About Insopix

Inscopix is pioneering a new paradigm in the quest to understand the brain and its diseases. Combining revolutionary technology and methods for imaging of large-scale neural activity in a naturally behaving subject, Inscopix has developed the enabling means to relate causal neural circuit dynamics to corresponding behavior.

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